Are you a night owl who enjoys catching fish under the moon light? The calm water and the serenity of the night will give you a peaceful moment and in times like this an underwater fishing light will come in handy. Underwater fishing lights offer the opportunity to attract fish to your light and enjoy a great nighttime fishing experience. Having the right tool is the key to having a successful fishing adventure. But buying an underwater fishing light is not as easy as you think it is because there are plenty of factors to consider before purchasing one and here are some of them:


Cost and Value

Aside from checking the quality, most of us checks the price tag first before making a purchase. Being expensive doesn’t always means it has the best quality. There are plenty of lamps out there that offers best quality without spending too much.


If you enjoy fishing at night, you will need a fishing light that is long lasting and efficient. Part of the fun of owning an underwater fishing light is being able to stay out all night on the water. Aside from that, the ability to illuminate the water is something paramount. Visibility is an important safety consideration. Something than can be seen from a good distance away is a good choice.

Types of Fish You Wish To Catch

Yes, you read it right. The types of fish you will catch is dependent on the color of the lamp’s bulb. Smaller baitfish like phytoplankton and krill are attracted to blue lights. Green lights are easy on the eyes especially in dark water and it also attracts squids while white lights serves as an all-purpose attractor.

Water Resistance

Since your lamp will be spending most of its time underwater, it is important that it is water resistant. A lamp that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater is a good buy. There are plenty of lights on the market that boast itself with a special sealant that makes it safe to use in salt and freshwater without damage or corrosion.


Lamps that are portable and compact is something most fishermen go for because it is portable and a breeze to transport. The only drawback to this the lightness when it is already submerged in the water, the solution to that is to add some weight to keep it from floating to the surface. Storage is no problem with this type of lamp.


A lamp that is delicate will certainly not stand the test of time. A fishing lamp that cannot take a good beating is virtually useless. When getting your underwater fishing light, it is important to get one that can take serious abuse and still work because they will be exposed on several potentially damaging elements under the water aside from being submerged into deep, murky water for extended periods of time. These are all factors that determine how effective an underwater fishing light is.